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In the process of building the harmonious society, it is a necessary requirement for social development that enterprise should bear the social responsibiltiy consciously, which is also an inevitable choice for sustainable development. Hing Kei has shown the determination on returing the society sincerely by taking practical actions during the twenty years of development.


l  Corporate Responsibility

Enterprises fulfill the social obligation, which is a prior element of integrity. Honesty on the other hand is the code to build a brand, and to gain competitive advantages from the intensive compeition during the economic times. Hing Kei believes in customer first and uphold the principle of honesty. It not only has been accumulated a good repuation in the industry, but also been named “Foshan Contract keeping and Credit First Company” for many years.


l  Responsibility For Staffs

Other elements of social responsibiltiy are people-oriented, responsible and caring for staffs, which are the instrinsic motivations for an enterprise in the long-term development. Hing Kei has been always care about employee health issue, take control of occupational hazards seriously, and work hard to improve workplace environment. Hing Kei not only builds salary growth mechanism, but also provides education and training opportunities for every employee. The company encourages employee on continuous learning and has set up education funds for staffs to improve  expertise and comprehensive capabilities.


l  Social welfare


Hing Kei has been involved with charities over the years, hundreds of millions of RMB donated to charity organizations and made donation to build Qingyuan Hope School in 2007. At the same time, the company has also involved in several Proverty Action Funds.



l  Environmental Responsibility

Environmental responsibility has become one of Hing Kei’s development strategies. Ying Tan Resource Recycling Industrial Park is a good example. The region was constructed strictly according to the technical specification of national environmental protection *HJ/T181-2005*, it will be the first modernize and environmental protection demonstration region in the inland for the recycle. Hing Kei believes corporate vision should not be confined to the short-term interests, should be considered harmonious relationship with society and the environment.