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With continuously encourage of private capital in China, the opportunities of financial investment increase. Hing Kei Group conforms to changes in national policies and the business environment. The group attaches importance of financial investment as a strategic emerging business.


In recent years, Hing Kei promotes financial investment business based on consolidating main business management, uses its traditional business strengths to build the combination business structure, involving in fund investments, equity investments , microcredit companies.


Funds Investment
According to the economic cycle characterized by strategic investments in different types of funds and financial products, the pursuit of income under prudent risk control, such as private placement of listed companies in the secondary market, overseas real estate investments and other financial products.


PE Investment
In recent years, Hing Kei Group participates in PE investment funds, carries out foreign direct investment, investment in equipment manufacturing, environmental protection and other fields, to obtain more favorable investment results.


Microcredit Company
 Some Nanhai leading non-ferrous metal companies found Nanhai Richangsheng Microcredit Co., Ltd with registered capital of 200 million RMB in 2012, and based in Dali. Through the establishment of Richangsheng’s financing platform promotes the efficiency of the local non-ferrous metal industry, therefore upgrades and transforms it.